Welcome to TMT

We are pleased to introduce TMT, and show you what we can do, and how we can help you.  Third party proof from the 87 testimonial letters herein, and signed in Thomas Nevins’ books should be most reassuring.

TMT was established in Tokyo in 1978, pioneering in labor and human resource consulting for multinational firms.  Nevins was asked to dehire, (terminate) CEO’s and top executives holding back success.  Understanding the situation, and needing completely confidential, and seamless and smooth transition, Tom Nevins was often asked to find the replacement top leader—one-foot dabbling in the executive search business.

With a large office from 1982, we set up an executive search operation.  For about 20 years, TMT also had a large and leading senior level recruiting practice.  In recent years, we decided to concentrate on our roots in labor, human resources, terminations, ROE/Rules of Employment, salary systems, cost reduction, downsizing, union management, and other personnel policy consulting in Japan.

TMT will give you new perspectives and practices to solve performance and staffing problems in Japan.  You will have the tools and know-how to manage and control your executives, staff, their productivity and results. You and your firm can reach even greater heights in this challenging, but sometimes frustrating marketplace.