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Brief Remarks in English

Is Working in Japan a Challenge?! Institut Francais du Japon October. 2017

Labor & Personnel Policy Consulting

Human resource consulting areas in which TMT works since 1978, and how we have helped clients. Process and full communication to all employees gets the changes smoothly implemented.

Personal Story

How Tom discovered and got started in Japan at 20, and then returned for keeps at 22.

Executive Search & Recruiting

A few words on the long history (since 1982), nature, and approaches of TMT’s Recruiting business unit.

Mr. Nevins Seminars and Training Delivered in Japanese

To motivate, give skills, and implement change management on a positive note, Tom Nevins has developed seminars which can be formally part of, or informally flavor a consulting intervention.

NHK College on the Air (Nationwide broadcast 1984)

Japanese and Multinationals—A New Trend in the Labor Market—“  Komatsu Tatsuya & Thomas J. Nevins  (Posted by Yukihiko Kanoh, May 19, 2017)

Japan Strategic Tools for Managing Japanese Personnel

Strategic Tools for Managing Japanese Personnel-Local Practices, Policies and the Law DVD1 – 1

DVD1 – 2

DVD1 – 3

DVD1 – 4

DVD1 – 5

DVD2 – 1

DVD2 – 2

DVD2 – 3

DVD2 – 4

DVD2 – 5

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