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Stay Put? Make a Move? is our latest publication in the UK. See the Book’s video trailer, detailed content, and picture gallery at View Tom Nevins profile on LinkedIn

The Japan Times books and the 3-hour video can be ordered from TMT. On the two 2004 books, Japan True or False – People Problems, Costs, Restructuring (soft-cover, 620p, key points in Japanese, at the special discounted price of 5,000 Yen/ US$50); and Know Your Own Bone (written 1992 and time-capsuled 12 years, soft-cover, 556p, key points in Japanese, 3,000 Yen(discounted price), US$30); group discounts are available as detailed below. Click below for Table of Contents and details of book.

Stay Put? Make a Move? Chock a block with mostly fun, but some serious beer blast or cocktail party stories and facts for all…

Japan True or False is for corporate performance and growth, and targeted at leaders in companies, unions, the government, universities etc.

Know Your Own Bone is for individual enjoyment, effectiveness and results, and targeted at staff, sales people, students, families etc.

Labor Pains and the Gaijin Boss (Japan Times, 1984)

Taking Charge in Japan (Japan Times, 1990)

Striking Gold in Japan (Free to clients)

Sixteen Steps to Corporate Leadership and Excellence (Free to clients)

Why U.S. Style Downsizing/Outplacement Is the Wrong Strategy in Japan (Free to clients)

Strategic Tools for Managing Japanese Personnel – Local Practices, Policies and the Law (Video)