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Reasons For and Against Investing in New Rules of Employment and Personnel Management System with Five-Year Consulting Support.

("Strategic Partnering")


1. It is an unexpected and unbudgeted expense.

2. I’m not really convinced the investment can bring the value and savings to justify the price.

3. If I just wanted Rules of Employment, I believe there are cheaper places I can get them.

4. This is a rather complex, intangible product. Even if I have spent enough time to understand the issues and why TMT’s policies are better, how can I convince the home office?

5. I can see that it saves money, and is helpful, but why do I have to take action now?

6. We have so many things on our plate right now. How can we focus on this and implement such a program?

7. Isn’t it just too difficult to make some changes after the passage of years?

8. How can we get our top Japanese or later on other local staff to understand and accept the issues and changes?

1. This is a complication but companies often have to come up with ad hoc, unanticipated executive search fees if someone quits. Also computer systems etc. break down and must be replaced on short notice. An investment in better personnel systems is less urgent but much more important and gives a more highly leveraged return.

2. This is just a question of taking the time to concretely work out with a calculator how much and under what circumstances financial savings and gains take place. TMT can give you documentation to clarify these areas, but maybe we still need to walk through it together.

3. This is definitely true. (Although clients who have researched the market reported back to me that some law firms and consultancies are more expensive than TMT--especially in the case of companies with lower head count levels.) TMT Rules of Employment are uniquely better. We don’t just love and leave you, but we will see you through to cost-effective resolution of any human resource problems or questions over the next 5 years. Clients who have used the system will tell you they reckon our approaches have a 5 to even 10 or 20 return on investment already!

4. People are never aware of what they are missing. No one missed or really felt like they needed electricity, telephones, airplanes or computers, until they were invented and produced. If we were totally accepting of things as they are, there would be no hope for progress, growth and a better way. (Of course if your customers at home office are willing and able to spend time to learn the issues, I am happy to teach them to these home office people as well.)

5. It is the salesperson’s job to get the customer through the close as quickly and painlessly as possible! The customer’s fear of possible failure is often greater than the reward of gains. If you can see how these policies improve your operation, and contribute to the bottom line, isn’t it better to sign up now while it is on our agendas? The most important things and developments are never the most urgent. And they are often the least visible.

6. We have coaching, documentation and techniques which make implementation quite easy--almost turn key! TMT’s extensive experience gets us through implementation quickly and smoothly. You and your staff only need spend a few hours in order to complete this project.

7. Not at all. It is readily doable if we set about it in the right way. It is the future that counts.

8. TMT has developed extensive know-how in assuring this is smoothly and effectively done. The form, procedures, and messages we communicate to managers and staff always assure a successful integration and acceptance of these changes. This effort can include TMT carrying-out mini-seminars or explanatory seminars/presentations before all your staff.

Additional benefits and advantages of the TMT Personnel Management System are laid out in the various documents, publications, and our proposal which we have already given or will prepare for you.

Additional Space for Any Other Reasons For or Against this Investment

(Let us be sure we are making the right decision for you by doing some more “think through” on this project. Let us further weigh-out the pros and cons of moving ahead.)

Thank you very much for taking the time to work on this. If TMT/Tom Nevins feel that we can meet your needs more effectively than any other service provider, and if our current client commitments allow us to place sufficient resources on your project, and do a great timely job for you, we will be in touch. Succeeding on important things together requires a strong desire and commitment to make critical and sometimes seemingly difficult changes. In that spirit, please do not hesitate to also send, or instead of the above form, send Tom Nevins a confidential email to tom.nevins@tmt-aba.com Or a private phone call to +81 (0) 3-6427-7055. Thank you very much!