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  • Twenty Question Check List
    Expatriate Executives in Japan

    Toward taking inventory and assessing our management practices, reward systems, staffing problems and corporate health in Japan

  • TMT’s consulting service will significantly contribute toward:
    1. Providing your managers and supervisors with the tools to better manage human resources
    2. Assuring that correct strategic personnel policies are followed
    3. Bringing bottom line value through savings/cost efficiencies
    4. Protecting your company’s legal position
    5. Giving you useful material for human resource supervisor training programs
    6. Reshaping and redirecting your organization for increased sales and profits
    7. Improving employee morale and building better teamwork
    8. Increasing productivity getting your managers and staff to focus on results (not activities) and performance targets
  • More on how we help you -- the Expatriate Executive on the firing line in Japan

    TMT will provide you the managerial tools and rganizational mechanism to overcome the challenges you face in managing employees and your firm in Japan

    1. Your perspective (and even beliefs) will change about what can and cannot be done.
    2. Many of the frustrations and difficulties of managing people in this environment will melt away.
    3. The Personnel Management Manual will provide answers at your fingertips to complex or unique situations common to expatriate managers in Japan. With clear vision and confidence your job will be easier and you will be more effective in carrying out your responsibilities and taking charge in Japan.
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