Labor Pains and the Gaijin Boss

(The Japan Times)
JPY 2,945

“This is an invaluable reference for anyone facing the challenges, rigors, and dangers of hiring, compensating, managing, motivating Japanese.”

George Fields
Author of From Bonsai to Levi’s

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“Author’s” Remarks xiii
Part I Overview of Japanese Labor Laws and Practices 1
Recruiting, Paying, Managing and Firing in Japan
(Journal of Japanese Trade and Industry, January/February 1984)
Bringing Japanese Management and Labor Relations to Life
(Journal of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ), December 1978; originally an address given at the Annual U.S.-Japan Businessman’s Council)
Japanese Labor Rules and Practices
(1980 series of five articles in The Japan Times)
It’s a Good Idea to Stay Out of Court 16
It’s Hard to Fire Employees 20
Collective Bargaining Tips 24
Unions at a Big Advantage 28
How to Settle Disputes 33
Part II Managing Poor Performers Out of Your Company
(1982 series of 13 articles in The Japan Times based on an address to the American Chamber of Commerce on February 12, 1982)
Introduction-Reducing Staff and Controlling Labor Costs 37
The Law and Dismissal-Good Work Rules Help 41
Discharge With Strategically Phrased Work Rules 45
More on the Art of Disciplining, Demoting, Firing 49
Bluff With Confidence When Firing 53
Switch to a Japanese Compensation Package 56
Reward and Punish With a Japanese Salary Table 60
Combine Bonus System With Salary Table 64
Use Probation, Training, Job Rotation and Transfer to Your Advantage 67
Hire Marginal Employees as Temporaries on Contract With Separate Work Rules 71
Orchestrate a Massive Staff Cutback 74
Additional Tips to Protect Management Interests 77
Questions and Answers 80

Part III Tips Toward Successful Management of the Japanese
Inside Tips to Make the Foreign Manager Successful
(The Japan Economic Journal, former name of Nikkei Weekly, June 10 & December 16, 1980)
Avoiding Radicalization of Labor and Unions in Foreign Firms
(The Japan Economic Journal, former name of Nikkei Weekly, December 23, 1980)
ABCs of Communication Between Westerner and Japanese
(The Japan Times, December 7, 1980)
Part IV Five Case Studies for Foreign Managers in Japan
(1981 series of five articles in The Japan Times)
Discharging an Employee 105
Management’s Legal Rights and the ‘How-To’ of Transferring Reluctant Employees 112
Bargaining, Strikes and Split Unions 117
Probationary Period 124
Handling a Labor Crisis 130
Part V Labor Relations, Government Insurance Programs and Vocational Training
(1981 series of articles in The Japan Business Law Journal)
Unions, Labor Relations and Labor Participation in Management 135
Labor Legislation and Regulatory Apparatus 146
Employment Policy and Programs 161
Systems of Health Insurance 179
Systems of Pension Insurance 186
Workmen’s Accident Compensation Insurance 194
Vocational Training-an Introduction 202
Vocational Training Policies and Administration 211
Public Vocational Training Programs 223

Part VI Fresh Perspectives on Work and Management
Who Says the Japanese Work Too Hard?
(Look Japan, November 10, 1981)
People Management Is What It’s All About
(Look Japan, July 10, 1980)
Japanese-Style Management-a Bag of Special Tricks?
(Dentsu Japan Marketing/Advertising, Fall/Winter 1982)
Why Japanese Management Always Wins
(NHK Television interview, Winter 1980)

Part VII Selected Summary Articles
Labor on a Leash
(Tradpia International, Summer 1982)
Who Gets Fired?
(PHP, March 1983)
Productivity at the Workplace-a View From Tokyo
(School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University, ILR Report, Fall 1983)